Other Variables

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The regular expression pattern used for valid WikiGroup name specifications. Defaults to allowing any group name beginning with an uppercase letter, but can be set to limit the valid group names (see Cookbook:LimitWikiGroups).
An array of page name patterns to be required or excluded from search and pagelist results. In order to be included in a search listing or page listing, a page’s name must not match any pattern that is delimited by exclamation points (!) and must match all other patterns. See Cookbook:SearchPatterns.
        # limit all searches to Main group
        $SearchPatterns[‘default’][] = '/^Main\\./';
        # exclude Recent Changes pages from search results
        $SearchPatterns[‘default’][] = '!\\.(All)?RecentChanges$/';
A variable which, when set equal to 1, validate the page caching by the browser. Unactivated by default to help the administrator customize its page without needing permanent reloading.
An array which contains the PageNames where you can find variables definition. To be modified when documentation is not in english. See vardoc.php

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